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Rodents are unwanted guests at home. Sharing your space with them can cause several health issues and damage. They can spread diseases, as well as chew and destroy your furniture, walls, and wires. Prevent these issues by hiring reliable pest control services. At Umbrella Pest Control, we offer effective rodent control solutions to protect your home and family in Ventura, CA.

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Thanks to our 16 years of experience, we are able to handle any kind of rodent invasion, from vole rodents to mole rodents. We use rodent trapping to remove these unwanted guests safely for good. Don’t worry about having your lawn, landscape, or house invaded by these troops, we ensure that any entryways like tunnels or holes are correctly blocked. In addition, our team also cleans any rodent droppings we might encounter.

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Whenever you need help with rodents at home, we’re the ones to call! Our mastered techniques allow us to provide outstanding rodent control services to our clients in Ventura, CA. Give us a call and ask for more information!

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