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Proven and Effective Pest Control in Southern California, Ventura, CA, and all surrounding areas

At Umbrella Pest Control, we have 16 years of experience serving homeowners and business owners in Southern California, Ventura, CA, and nearby areas, with long-lasting and high-quality pest control services.

We love serving our community; we support the police and its blue line. Our integrity makes us like no other company, and our main goal is to fix our customer’s issues. We don’t believe in cheating our customers. Therefore, we only offer services you need and will never put you in contracts with services you will not use.

When you work with us, you get the following:

  • Quality work at honest and reliable prices
  • The benefit of working with expert exterminators
  • Pleasant and personal customer service

Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need a bed bug treatment or commercial pest control service!

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Our Full Range of Services

Rest easy at night with our effective bed bug services!

Bed Bug Treatment

Rely on our services to protect your business from undesired pests!

Commercial Pest Control

Prevent moist builds in your crawl space to avoid unwanted pests!

Crawl Space Exclusion

Act fast to avoid pungent odors in your property with our help!

Dead Animal Removal

We efficiently clear out large debris and clutter from various sites, restoring space and order.

Extreme Haul Aways

We provide essential cleaning and pest control to keep shelters safe and welcoming.

Homeless Shelters

Say goodbye to annoying insects and rodents for good!

Pest Control Services

Safe and effective rodent control to keep your family safe!

Rodent Control

Get a free estimate on the service you need. Call now!

Work With a Licensed Pest Control Company

Our Team Is Qualified to Take It All!

We’ve acquired two state licenses to provide the best pest solutions possible: Branch 2-Structural Pest Company and Pest Control Operator. These certifications allow us to offer a comprehensive range of services, including rodent control and dead animal removal. In addition, they are our guaranteed seal to ensure you will get an effective and reliable solution.

Keep Your Properties Safe From Damaging Pests

No Pests Means No Worries

Have the peace of mind that you deserve! Don’t let a pest at home keep your family unhealthy, unprotected, or worried. Our services are just one call away, as we like to say: “one call, we kill them all.” We’ve perfected our techniques using new products with old trusted methods to ensure you get excellent pest control services. Some examples of these services are rodent proofing and rodent exclusion.

Rodent exclusion is a process that keeps rodents from entering your home. It involves removing their access points to your house and using materials to keep them out.

Meanwhile, rodent proofing prevents rodents from entering your home by keeping them out of your property. It includes building a fence around your property to prevent mice and rats from entering your yard and keep them away from food sources such as garbage cans or compost piles.

Get Rid Of Pests Like Bed Bugs or Rodents

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Get in touch with our team of experts to ask for more information about our wide range of pest control services in Southern California, Ventura, CA, and all surrounding areas. Whether you need a crawl space encapsulation or need to figure out why a strong smell is coming from your walls, our exterminators can help you! Keep your home, family, or business protected and safe!

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