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Bed bugs are lightweight travelers that come unnoticed into our homes. We might not be able to see them when they arrive, but we surely know when they’ve occupied our spaces. They cause continuous itching due to their biting, some people might develop bed bug rash, and some might see red bumps on their skin. If you’re experiencing any of these circumstances mentioned above, the best way to stop them is by getting effective bed bug treatment. At Umbrella Pest Control, we can help you!

Our company has over 16 years of experience in the industry. We provide bed bug heat treatment to get rid of bed bug eggs and bed bug larvae. To do so, we use new products with old trusted methods to ensure the best quality service possible.

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Sharing your bed with bed bugs is an unpleasant experience. The itching interrupts your sleep, which causes you to not perform well during the day. To bring back your peace while sleeping, we inspect your soft surfaces, install bed bug traps to capture them, and monitor the situation. In addition, we apply bed bug sprays or, if necessary, use heaters for bed bug treatment, to effectively remove them. All our products are natural and pet-friendly, so there’s no need to worry about your furry friends at home!

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As licensed bed bug killers in Southern California, including Ventura, CA, and beyond, we are able to ensure that they are safely removed and don’t return. Get in touch with our team and ask for more information about our bed bug treatments and solutions. We provide special discounts to military service members, first responders, and senior citizens.

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